Water Therapy – revised

Water: the stuff of life… Water Therapy Did you know that drinking water in the morning upon waking up can have amazing therapeutic effects for a multitude of health conditions. Experts say six glasses of water (one litre) will have an astonishing effect on your health. Studies have shown that drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach purifies the body’s internal system. An especially important result of this treatment is that it cleanses the colon, which makes the body much more able to absorb nutrients from food. Our body contains 70 percent of water. Our Muscles … Continue reading Water Therapy – revised

Saturday morning and it’s raining

It’s Saturday morning and it’s raining. My get-up-and-go is waning. Outside, it’s cold and dreary. Inside, my bed is warm and cheery. I am swaddled in smooth cotton as cares of the world are forgotten. Raindrops are pattering on the windows and roof as far-away thunder is grumbling. We don’t care, the cats and I, we just lie here slumbering. zzzzzzzzzzzzz ~   Continue reading Saturday morning and it’s raining

The Penultimate Heartbeat

The Penultimate Heartbeat When the penultimate heartbeat occurs, one journey is about to end and another journey is about to begin. It’s natural for us to want someone to listen to what we have to say, to feel some empathy for our story, to appreciate the things that we appreciate. It’s unfortunate that the human race can’t seem to understand and agree on that simple principle. Every generation creates, and lives in, its own culture. A generation consists of approximately twenty years – it is at about age twenty that people start to think about what it would be like … Continue reading The Penultimate Heartbeat

A Zevis Missive

After reading my recent missive, a friend in Atlanta suggested that I turn my warped sense of humor towards the ITBG (Inside The Beltway Gang). He implied that it would be an easy target… and By Golly, it was. Ether Island – a land far away from reality. This is Zevis Granthorn inviting you to come aboard for an exciting trip to Ether Island. … As we move toward tomorrow, I feel it prudent to inform you that we will be traveling at speeds that can set your hair on fire. It is advisable to keep your mouth closed and … Continue reading A Zevis Missive

Matutinal Tea ~ 2012

January 07, 2012 Saturday Report ? ? ? Cindy is visiting family in Atlanta and I am HOME ALONE !!! (Preface: This is what happens when there are no distractions to disrupt a luxurious solitude.) I am home alone. I am suspended in time and space. There are no engagements, no dates, no appointments to keep. A minute is like a second and a second has no beginning and no end – it just is. Clocks are superfluous, just curious works of art and craft. I would say that I’m experiencing sensory depravation except that I am warm, cool, comfortable, … Continue reading Matutinal Tea ~ 2012

The Three Bombalinas

The Three Bombalinas Identical triplets, born under the sign of Taurus (late April), they are black Bombay kittens – black fur, black ears, black nose and toes. Shining out from all that are golden eyes; beautiful, inquisitive, mischievous. To distinguish between them, we had to outfit them with colored collars; blue for MisterMan, red for BabyGirl and yellow for SweetiePie. Unlike most domestic kitties that walk softly and delicately, the Bombalinas (as I call them) are boisterous and rambunctious. They love to run, jump climb and pounce. They do not walk on the floor, they jump from one piece of … Continue reading The Three Bombalinas

Signs of Omission

Signs of Omission… Because of my inability to communicate the full essence of an indispensible truth, this sentence will end with an ellipsis… leaving the reader to imagine their own… My lexical skill will never be sufficient to express all that I would like to express; my quest is to continuously update and improve it. I love words because words have meaning. When used properly and truthfully, words provide an illustrative insight into our world. Language is a combination of science and art which can stimulate the human mind to conjure up fantastic ideas and then share them with others. … Continue reading Signs of Omission

Saturday Report ~

Saturday Report 01.02.2016 O^O. In the early 1950’s, I was a young boy growing up in a world without air-conditioning (maybe New York had it but not my town). The summers in south Georgia were hot and the windows in every home were open. The line of communication between the adults inside and the kids playing outside was through the screens that kept the flies out. It seemed that every day I would find myself outside laying in the grass, dreaming about impossible adventures or sitting in a sand pile, humming to myself while trying to cajole doodlebugs up from … Continue reading Saturday Report ~