Signs of Omission

Signs of Omission…

Because of my inability to communicate the full essence of an indispensible truth, this sentence will end with an ellipsis… leaving the reader to imagine their own…

My lexical skill will never be sufficient to express all that I would like to express; my quest is to continuously update and improve it. I love words because words have meaning. When used properly and truthfully, words provide an illustrative insight into our world. Language is a combination of science and art which can stimulate the human mind to conjure up fantastic ideas and then share them with others.

When words are corrupted (as Political Correctness does), they misinform, misdirect, and confuse – they become illegitimate and despicable. PC speech should be shunned by anyone who appreciates honesty, beauty and truth. If the bastards want to travel the road to ruin, let them go without you.

Discreet and discrete are Homophones (words that sound alike but are of different meaning, spelling, or both). Discreet implies the showing of reserve and prudence in one’s behavior or speech. Discrete means something quite different: “distinct, separate, unrelated.” Accept and except are homophones… accept them without exception.

Copyetcetera 2016 – Grantham Labs

Notice: The contents of this missive are believed by me to be factual…and/or fictional ~ whatever. If you feel that you are not the intended recipient, don’t worry, you’re reading it anyway and there is nothing that can be done about it. This method of expression is solely my own and should not be construed to infer that I know what I’m talking about (when you don’t know what you’re talking about, anything is possible). If you choose to read further, you may consider the exercise to be a precarious yet serendipitous adventure. As you go along, you will discover that the insanity becomes increasingly familiar, strangely intriguing and subtlety enticing. You can try to resist but you must admit that you are older now than when you began reading this curiously entertaining disclaimer. Mess with old people at your own peril; they are worldly and unpredictable. zsg z.



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