The Three Bombalinas

The Three Bombalinas

Identical triplets, born under the sign of Taurus (late April), they are black Bombay kittens – black fur, black ears, black nose and toes. Shining out from all that are golden eyes; beautiful, inquisitive, mischievous.

To distinguish between them, we had to outfit them with colored collars; blue for MisterMan, red for BabyGirl and yellow for SweetiePie.

Unlike most domestic kitties that walk softly and delicately, the Bombalinas (as I call them) are boisterous and rambunctious. They love to run, jump climb and pounce. They do not walk on the floor, they jump from one piece of furniture to another – knocking off anything that is in their way. The clatter that results seems to gratify their ego and certify their prowess.  Nothing is safe from their rampages.

Just before they turned five months old, we took them to be neutered. They spent half a day in the clinic being poked, prodded and whatever. When they came out, they were a little groggy but not ready to sleep.

When we got home, they flew out of their carrier-cages and began running around like nothing had happened. We think that the drugs were kicking in and they were feeling no pain. The vet had told us to keep them calm so the stitches would heal properly… Well, there was no stopping them. They wanted to play and play they did.

Fortunately, everything has turned out fine; they are the healthiest and most vigorous cats we have ever had.

It’s nearly Christmas and The Bombalinas have changed our lives. We have become more active as we try to keep up with them. They are young and restless, always challenging us.

We are trying to decide if they have been naughty or nice. We will concede that it has been a little of both. Asleep and cuddly, they are angels; sweetness and purrs. Awake and frolicking, they are devils; amusing and cataclysmic.

Santa will be bringing them, and us, a new year in which we will discover just how much fun can be had by two old relics and three young Bombalinas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Zerrol, Cindy, MisterMan, BabyGirl and SweetiePie.






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